Maya Tools:
These pages include scripts I made for Maya to help with animation/workflow. They should work with Maya 2015+. These scripts have not been tested by anyone besides myself, so please reach out if they break for you!

How to Install Scripts:
Save the script file to your default "scripts" folder (make sure it's the ~Documents/maya/scripts folder and not the other ones!) Then, either restart Maya or run the rehash; mel code to reload scripts if Maya is already open. You're good to go!

JR StraddleZero (v1.00)DOWNLOAD
A script to center your animation curves around zero

When working with animation cycles, you're often working at origin with controls that should be perfectly centered at zero (like the example above). Otherwise, your character will appear to limp or be lop-sided. This is a two-part script that you can assign to hotkeys or two shelf buttons. One part will center all selected curves around zero as a group, and the other part will treat each curve individually.


Create a shelf button or a hotkey and assign this code:

import jrStraddleZero

Do the same for the individual function:
import jrStraddleZero

Then, select the curves in the Graph Editor that you want to center perfectly around the zero-line. Now run the code via hotkey/shelf button. The curves will update and you should get a confirmation in the command line.