Maya Tools:
These pages include scripts I made for Maya to help with animation/workflow. They should work with Maya 2015+. These scripts have not been tested by anyone besides myself, so please reach out if they break for you!

How to Install Scripts:
Save the script file to your default "scripts" folder (make sure it's the ~Documents/maya/scripts folder and not the other ones!) Then, either restart Maya or run the rehash; mel code to reload scripts if Maya is already open. You're good to go!

JR Save (v1.01)DOWNLOAD
A simple script to make saving a timeline of backups easy and organized.

Whenever you start a new project, having a reliable saving and backup workflow is essential to keeping your sanity. With this script and method, you can save a master file once and then let this script do the rest. Each time you save using JR_Save, it will automatically save a new version within a folder that has the same name as your master file. With this setup, you have a comprehensive history of your shot and can go back at any time (as long as you save often, which I recommend!)
Result when using this saving structure


Add a hotkey for saving an incremental file and then saving back to master (I use Ctrl+Alt+S). Assign this code to your hotkey:

import JRSave

For cases where you're saving from an incremental file back to the master, or from master to a new increment, add the following code to a shelf button (drag and drop onto your shelf, specify "python"):
import os, sys
from maya import cmds, mel
import JRSave

It will create a window like this with two buttons that allow you to save to an increment file or to the master file. Please note that this is relative, so if you're working in an increment file and then click "Save Increment," that will create another folder inside your increment folder and will start the numbering over. This is easily fixable if you catch it right away, but just something to be careful about.